1. 2023 NBA Predictions: Top 5 Teams in 5 Years

    2023 nba predictions top teams

    Much to the detriment of our fantasy basketball brackets, there’s no sports-related crystal ball. Diehard fans know that all sorts of upsets — injuries, trades, unexpected rising stars — can change the trajectory of a season, pushing even low-ranking teams to the top of the league and promising ones to the bottom. So while it’s impossible to know exactly what squads will come out on top in any given year, let alone in the next half-decade, it’s fun to do a little bit of predicting. At any rate, it might give you a smidgen of early insight on where to hedge your (legal) bets or help you decide which NBA jerseys

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  2. The Yankees vs. The Red Sox: A Fierce Rivalry Explained

    There are few rivalries in sports history that are as deeply rooted as the one between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. It’s filled with all sorts of sports lore — the “Curse of the Bambino,” notably — and goes back for centuries. Boston and New York competed as the two most significant Northeast cities even before the start of the American Revolution, so it was unsurprising that, when early baseball gained popularity, the two cities would again go head-to-head. 

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  3. The Warriors Vs. the Cavaliers: A Fierce Rivalry Explained

    Consider this:

    The Celtics and Lakers faced off only three times in a 12-year span, yet the titanic weight of their fierce rivalry is a measuring stick against which all other pro sports rivalries are compared. No matter which one of the three major American sports you scour, the old guard — the antediluvian fan base — will tell you that THIS (Boston vs. LA) is the pinnacle. This was basketball rivalry at its greatest. You get caught wearing a Lakers jersey in South Boston in 1986, good luck to ya pal.

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  4. The Best Athletes to Follow on Social Media

    Professional sports players are just like the rest of us — they share their accomplishments, their personal lives and the occasional rivalry or two through filters and status updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They’re also often funny and heartfelt online, which helps fans connect with their heroes in new and more personal ways. If you’re looking to add some athletic prowess to your social media rosters, start here.

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